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Ndbm library

Ndbm library

Name: Ndbm library

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The library ndbm is a collection of routines that manages data files that contain key/data pairs. The library provides storing, retrieval, and deletion of data by key, . NDBM is an API for maintaining key/content pairs in a database. The implementation itself comes from a library provided with your operating system. See your. Please note that the file formats created by and are incompatible. The module provides an interface to the GNU DBM library .

The dbm library provides access to NDBM databases under Unix. NDBM databases maintain key/data associations, where both the key and the data are. ndbm, dbm_clearerr, dbm_close, dbm_delete, dbm_error, dbm_fetch, This package replaces the earlier dbm library, which managed only a single database . The dbm library was a simple database engine, originally written by Ken Thompson and BDB: successor to ndbm by Sleepycat Software (now Oracle) created to get around the AT&T Unix copyright on BSD. Tokyo Cabinet and Kyoto.

ndbm: DBM * dbm_open (char * file, int flags, int mode) the dptr member of the returned datum points to the memory managed by the compatibility library. Virtually all Unix systems have some form of Old DBM and NDBM library installed . GDBM and DB can be installed on nearly all of them. Generally the disk files. The original ndbm library is released in BSD. It is based on dbm library in Unix Version 7 but has different API to support multiple databases in a process. Also libgdbm-dev contains /usr/include/gdbm-ndbm.h. Then, if it doesn't find the file in the system libraries it will find the correct name in your.


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